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How to Join the West Highland White Terrier Society of Connecticut

Are you interested in the West Highland White Terrier Society of Connecticut, Inc.?

Our Society is unique in that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most other clubs and came together because we enjoy the company of Westies and the people they own. We have a vast knowledge pool among our present membership that we are ready to share with all Westie enthusiasts.

Our Society functions, which consist of a membership meeting and a fun or educational program, are held during the months of February, April, June, October (annual meeting), and December. We'll be glad to add your name to our events mailing list. If you do not have a Westie yet, these activities offer excellent opportunities to observe the dogs in action.

Membership in the Society requires the sponsorship of two members. How do you get two sponsors? We ask that you come to two functions (which do not have to be in succession). Attending two functions gives everyone the opportunity to meet and also enables you to establish two sponsors. Application packets will be available at the first function you attend. In the packet will be a copy of the Society Charter, By-Laws and Code of Ethics, Membership Application, two Sponsorship Forms and a Pet Profile. Since applications can only be submitted at or following the second function you attend, the time between functions will give you the opportunity to read over the material and decide if the Society is for you. We hope so.

Once you submit your application and paperwork, and the ARC (Applications Review Committee) accepts it, your name(s) will be published in the Society's newsletter, The Bagpiper. Your application for membership will then be voted on by the membership at the next Society meeting. Membership in the Society requires attendance at two meetings or functions (minimally) a year as well as taking part in some aspect of the Society. We believe if everyone pitches in a little, the work does fall on a few. If you choose not to join, a newsletter subscription for six great issues a year is available for only $10.00.

If you would like to support our Society but are unable to attend our meetings, through circumstances or distance, you may wish to become a Patron. Patrons enjoy the privileges of membership but are unable to vote or hold leadership or committee positions. To become a Patron requires a $20.00 minimum donation per year, per household. This entitles you to a year's subscription to our newsletter, The Bagpiper.

If you have further questions please contact me at pobrien413@aol.com

Yours in Westies,

Pat O'Brien
Corresponding Secretary