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West Highland White Terrier Society of Connecticut
Code of Ethics - September 2001

The West Highland White Terrier Society of Connecticut, Inc. recognizes its responsibility as a unique guardian of the West Highland White Terrier. It further recognizes that the health, well-being and future of the breed is a dual responsibility between all members, especially its breeder/members. The Society also acknowledges that we have the opportunity to expect higher standards for which we all should be accountable for. Therefore, the WHWTSOC, Inc. sets forth below, certain standards of conduct to be followed by its members:

1. Members are ambassadors of the West Highland White Terrier and as such, will offer guidance and education to all dog owners regarding responsible dog ownership, including encouraging the spaying and/or neutering of pet quality Westies.

2. Members should extend courtesy and goodwill at all times and also practice responsible dog ownership.

3. No member will knowingly sell any puppy to any pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer, puppy miller, backyard breeder, etc. for the sole purpose of breeding for profit or in any way knowingly aid or abet the sale of any Westie through any of the above.

4. A member/breeder will be familiar with the AKC rules governing record keeping, registration and sale and transfer of dogs, and will abide by and conduct himself/herself in accordance with those rules at all times. Any warranties or other agreements pertaining to the sale of a Westie will be put in writing, with a copy provided to the buyer and seller.

5. A member selling any Westie which he/she knows to have a physical condition, serious deviations from the standard or hereditary condition (disease) (exception – see #9) which indicates that the breeding of the dog would be detrimental to the welfare of the breed, will so inform the buyer in writing. The sale will be made with an agreement in writing, signed by both buyer and seller, that the dog is not to be bred and that it shall be spayed or neutered.

6. A member selling a Westie which he or she knows to be a carrier or a possible carrier of a genetic disease will so inform the buyer in writing.

7. All breeding will be planned and aimed at improvement of the breed in all aspects. The member/breeder shall be knowledgeable of the "Breed Standard" and will do everything in his or her power to discourage breeding from clearly inferior specimens of the breed, or breeding to any such specimen with his or her stud dog. No dogs exhibiting a hereditary defect, unsound temperament or poor health will be bred. (exception –see #9). No one shall breed or breed to any dog or bitch not registered with the AKC and will only breed for puppies that are AKC registerable.

8. If a dog or bitch produces offspring with the same serious defect detrimental to the animal's well-being, such as blindness, deafness, lameness or impairment of the vital functions, from two litters, the member owning that dog or bitch will refrain from further use of the animal for breeding and should consider spaying or neutering.

9. If a dog or bitch produces ONE affected offspring with a known genetic disease, such as Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO), Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy (CGL/Krabbs disease), Copper Toxicosis (CT) or any other serious disease where the mode of transmission is proven to be hereditary, that dog or bitch shall not be used for general breeding again, except under conditions for test breeding to clear possible carriers of those hereditary diseases. All puppies resulting from test breedings shall be spayed or neutered before they are sold or placed except those puppies who are to be used for further test breedings. All test breedings shall be documented and conducted by the guidelines of the study which proved the mode of transmission for that particular disease. The Society supports the recommendations of WatcH.

10. No member/breeder will breed a bitch unless he/she has the time, knowledge, dedication, and facilities to provide proper care, nutrition, a safe environment, and attention to the physical and emotional development of the dam and resulting puppies. Because of the great importance of puppy development and socialization, no member/breeder will sell or place a puppy in a new home before they are weaned, tested clear of internal parasites, and had their immunity protocol started.

11. Members selling or placing Westies in new homes shall provide the new owners with copies of the Sale or Placement Contract, health records, pedigree, food and feeding schedule, information on care, and any other pertinent supplies, documents or information on the care of the Westie.

12. Members breeding and raising puppies shall provide all necessary health care, nutrition, immunity protocol (vaccinations or nosodes), training and socialization necessary to their proper development and when evaluating young stock for placement should bear in mind that no puppy should be sold under the pretense as a show/breeding potential prior to the age of 12 weeks.

13. Members should consider fairness when pricing their pet quality and show/breeding quality puppies. Bear in mind that loving, responsible homes are priority and there are more homes available that only want a well-bred, good temperament and healthy Westie. Placing too high a price on pet quality puppies only encourages many people to seek out puppies through indiscriminate and irresponsible breeders or pet shops.

14. Members offering their male Westies at stud should seek to service bitches of compatible or higher quality in good health and temperament. Clearly, inferior dogs should not be used for breeding. All Westies being bred or used at stud must be tested and negative for Canine Brucellosis.

15. All members selling or placing a Westie shall interview all prospective buyers to ascertain if they will provide love, care, supervision and attention which should be foremost. Show/breeding homes should be selected carefully so that the Westie gets the best loving home possible. Any member selling or placing a Westie should offer his/her long-term commitment to assist and guide the new owners and understands that if a show/breeding home is selected, that adds an additional responsibility.

16. Advertising by members will be factual. Misleading information, exaggerations, or unfounded implications of superiority shall not be used.


Any member having reason to believe that this Code of Ethics is being or has been violated will make a written report to the Recording Secretary. An investigation of the charges will be carried out by the officers as specified in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 2.